Winter is Almost Over

Good Afternoon LLYC,

It has been a while since we have put anything out so wanted to get back on it.  This weekend the Officers will be meeting and going over notes and officially handing off the famous brief case to Erik Herrmann.  The snow is melting and the temperature is rising so hopefully everyone is getting ready for the upcoming summer.  We will be posting dates and schedules here on the web-site once we receive them.  I hope everyone is enjoying the remainder of winter and looking forward to the upcoming summer.

Open House, T-Shirts, and Gear

LLYC Members,

The MIR is over and we are back to life as usual.  We would again like to thank Suzi Reese for allowing us to use her house as the Regatta Headquarters, Bill and Patty Kercher for opening up there home for the Saturday night party and for doing such an amazing job with dinner, Ronie Madden, Jeanie Adolf and Laura Owen-Agase for spearheading the lunches and the google sheet for salads and apps.  There are truly to many people to thank but we will be thanking everyone for years to come for making it a great event.  Great Judging, Great food, Beer, and just all around Long Lake Hospitality.  Moving on this Sunday at the Beer Party we are preparing to start orders for T-shirts and other gear.  Wes Mottlau and Lauren Harting are mixing around ideas and will have some displays at the Ringa's home for people to give input and come up with a final product.  All the shirts from last year will be available but we are wanting to include performance wear shirts for sailing, different styles of shirts such as women sizes, Tank-tops, V-necks if wanted, Pocket front shirts if wanted, again looking for ideas.  We are also throwing around the idea of including Koozies, coffee mugs, jackets and other items.  We are also going to unveil the 70th anniversary shirt that is in the process of being made if everyone likes it.  Remember that the Ringa's Beer Party is also our Open House so bring a friend.

We will see everyone on the Water

MIR Info / June Party

MIR Info / June Party

LLYC Members,

The June Party will take place at the Kercher residence during the MIR on Saturday, June 10, 2017.  We will also be serving lunches on Saturday and Sunday.

All meals and parties are included in the entry fee for one skipper and one crew.  Kids under 10 are also free. Also, MIR Regatta judges do NOT have to pay for lunches (party not included).

For everyone else, the cost for the party is $15 per person (similar to all our regular parties) and the cost for lunches is $8 per person per lunch (this includes beer!) 

You can pay for the party and for lunches by clicking the MIR Regatta Link in the upper right hand corner and clicking on MIR Dinner Pass or Lunch Pass.  Your receipt is your ticket, so keep it in a safe place if you pay online.

We have several people from other lakes confirming they will be attending.  If any LLYC members are willing to house some of these skippers, please reach out to Wes Mottlau ( so we can get it all coordinated.

We are also in need of about 5 large water dispensers (the kind they dump over the coach at the Super Bowl).  Please let Wes know if you can provide any. 

Thanks Everyone,

MIR Regatta Committee

MIR Food Sign Up Sheet

LLYC Members,

As mentioned at this year's spring meeting, we have created a sign-up sheet for you to indicate what food you can bring for our upcoming 2017 MIR regatta!  

Members are asked to sign-up to bring 1 appetizer to the MIR cocktail party on Saturday, June 10 and 1 salad to the MIR lunch on Sunday, June 11. (Unfortunately, you won't be able to see other responses, but we will contact you separately if there are any duplicate items.)  

Please sign-up at this link by Sunday, June 4:

Thank you!

2017 MIR Food Committee

Ronie Madden

Patti Kercher

Updates and Upcoming Events

Hello fellow LLYC members!

Here are a few updates for you to note and some calendar dates for you.

1.      Spring Meeting - Sunday April 23, 2017 starting at 1pm at Andrew & Colleen’s home on    Augustana Avenue.

2.      Membership Dues - Please get those dues in.  Here are the ways to send in those payments

a.      Via the LLYC website (upper right hand corner marked LLYC Dues),

b.      A check to PO Box 202, Ingleside, IL 60041,

c.       Or bring it with you to the spring meeting

3.      Historical Photos for the yearbook - if you have any please submit them via two routes:

a.      Scan the photos and send them directly to Jill McDermott,  

b.      Drop protected photos off at Andrew Ringa’s home on Augustana Avenue.

4.      Judges Clinic - Saturday, May 20, 2017 starting at 1pm at Chris & Kristine’s home on Long Beach Drive.

5.      MIR (Midwest Invitational Regatta) hosted by Long Lake the weekend of June 10 & 11.

6.      LLISA Clean Up Day - Saturday, June 17th from 9-11.  Please see the attachment for all of the info.

Hope to see everyone in a week at the Ringa's House

The LLYC Has a New Website

The LLYC Website has had a great home with Cooper Marketing, but the expanding needs of the yacht club prompted a move to a newer platform. Therefore, the website has found a new home with SquareSpace, a platform we hope will allow for better engagement between the club members.

Since the website is so new, there are bound to be a lot of spelling errors or missing information. If you spot anything, please don't hesitate to mention it in the comments below. Sorry if I misspelled your name!

This website has been a joint project between myself and Wes Mottlau, and I want to take this time to thank everyone who pitched in money to get it running!