Constitution and By-Laws

ARTICLE I: The name of the corporation shall be LONG LAKE YACHT CLUB, INCORPORATED.

ARTICLE II: The object and purposes of the Corporation shall be to encourage and promote amateur yachting and yacht racing on Long Lake in the State of Illinois, according to the rules of the Inland Lake Yachting Association.

ARTICLE III: Membership in the Long Lake Yacht Club shall be a person who is a sailor, sailboat owner, judge or those that in the past have been sailors, owners or who have actively participated in the welfare of the Long Lake Yacht Club.

Voting privileges shall be:

  1. A dues payment of $55.00 - 1 vote
  2. A dues payment of $40.00 - 1 vote
  3. A dues payment of $30.00 - no vote


The dues structure shall be:

  1. For a family (husband, wife, unmarried children under twenty-five years of age) - $55.00
  2. For an unmarried individual twenty-five years of age or over - $40.00
  3. For an unmarried individual under twenty-five years of age not covered by family dues - $30.00

Yacht registration shall be:

  1. The owner of each Class "C" and Class "MC" yacht shall pay a yearly registration fee of $35.00
  2. For each junior trainer, the parents shall pay an annual registration of $25.00 per yacht.

All fees shall be payable before July 1st.

ARTICLE V: The elective officers of the Long Lake Yacht Club shall consist of a Commodore, a Vice-Commodore, a Secretary-Treasurer and four Directors. A membership meeting for the election of officers shall be held following the first scheduled race of the last Sunday in August. Officers shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the membership present. Directors shall be the four preceding Commodores who still retain membership in the Long Lake Yacht Club.

SECTION I: The Commodore shall preside at all meetings of the Yacht Club and shall appoint judges, such committees as required, and integrate the activites and decisions of the sailing Committee with the normal functions of the Club.

SECTION II: The Vice-Commodore shall function in the absence or disability of the Commodore, and shall have such duties as may be prescribed by the membership.

SECTION III: The Secretary-Treasurer shall record all the proceedings of meetings, ssue any necessary notices, and keep accurate accounts of all monies and other assets received or disbursed. All money shall be deposited in a recognized bank, selected by the Secretary-Treasurer, and approved by the officers. All disbursements shall be approved by the officers. The Secretary-Treasurer shall render in writing to all memberships an annual report of all receipts and disbursements.

ARTICLE VI: A Sailing Committee, consisting of at least three, but not more than four sailors, shall be selected by the sailors before the first scheduled race. All matters pertaining to sailing shall be handled by this committee.

SECTION I: A Junior Fleet Committee shall consist of three members selected by the parents of the Junior Fleet sailors and the chairman of the Sailing Committee. All matters pertaing to Junior sailing shall be handled by this committee.


  1. The Long Lake Yacht Club is incorporated in the State of Illinois as a non-profit organization to promote sailing on Long Lake.
  2. All races under the jurisdiction of the Long Lake Yacht Club will be managed in accordance with the latest ILYA Rule Book and U.S. Sailing Association Rules, except as modified in the LLYC Sailing Instructions.
  3. All perpetual trophies shall be turned in to the Trophy Committee not later than August 1st.