(Adopted 04/29/2000)

Sailors and persons committed to advancing sailing are eligible to affiliate with the Long Lake Yacht Club, a member of the Inland Lakes Yachting Association (ILYA). Any club member in good standing may nominate a prospective member.

Long Lake Yacht Club, committed to promoting sailing on Long Lake, is interested in adding to its ranks of active sailors (skippers/crews) to expand the fleet(s); also persons interested in contributing to sailing competition on Long Lake through active participation as members of the race management committee or other committees that are formed from time to time (junior sailing, social, regatta, etc.)

Prospective nominees should be persons who have demonstrated a willingness to further wholesome sailing competition on Long Lake, and those who share the values and standards of LLYC. The following procedures have been developed through custom and practice of many years’ standing:

  • Notify an officer or a member of the membership committee.
  • Explain fully to prospective member the scope of club activities, responsibilities and expectations.
  • Schedule three visits of nominee and prospective member’s family if applicable to Sunday beer parties. Three consecutive Sundays are preferred. Nominator is required to actively introduce nominees and make them feel welcome.
  • Monitor progress of the get-acquainted period; check with membership committee. On fourth Sunday or Sunday after three visits have been completed, nominees are presented to members for a vote of acceptance.

NOTE: In case of activation of former members, nomination procedure is waived and former members become active by paying required dues and fees.