MIR Info / June Party

LLYC Members,

The June Party will take place at the Kercher residence during the MIR on Saturday, June 10, 2017.  We will also be serving lunches on Saturday and Sunday.

All meals and parties are included in the entry fee for one skipper and one crew.  Kids under 10 are also free.  Also, MIR Regatta judges do NOT have to pay for lunches (party not included).

For everyone else, the cost for the party is $15 per person (similar to all our regular parties) and the cost for lunches is $8 per person per lunch (this includes beer!) 

You can pay for the party and for lunches by clicking the MIR Regatta Link in the upper right hand corner and clicking on MIR Dinner Pass or Lunch Pass.  Your receipt is your ticket, so keep it in a safe place if you pay online.

We have several people from other lakes confirming they will be attending.  If any LLYC members are willing to house some of these skippers, please reach out to Wes Mottlau (wmottlau@yahoo.com) so we can get it all coordinated.

We are also in need of about 5 large water dispensers (the kind they dump over the coach at the Super Bowl).  Please let Wes know if you can provide any. 

Thanks Everyone,

MIR Regatta Committee