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Updates and Upcoming Events

Hello fellow LLYC members!

Here are a few updates for you to note and some calendar dates for you.

1.      Spring Meeting - Sunday April 23, 2017 starting at 1pm at Andrew & Colleen’s home on    Augustana Avenue.

2.      Membership Dues - Please get those dues in.  Here are the ways to send in those payments

a.      Via the LLYC website (upper right hand corner marked LLYC Dues),

b.      A check to PO Box 202, Ingleside, IL 60041,

c.       Or bring it with you to the spring meeting

3.      Historical Photos for the yearbook - if you have any please submit them via two routes:

a.      Scan the photos and send them directly to Jill McDermott,  

b.      Drop protected photos off at Andrew Ringa’s home on Augustana Avenue.

4.      Judges Clinic - Saturday, May 20, 2017 starting at 1pm at Chris & Kristine’s home on Long Beach Drive.

5.      MIR (Midwest Invitational Regatta) hosted by Long Lake the weekend of June 10 & 11.

6.      LLISA Clean Up Day - Saturday, June 17th from 9-11.  Please see the attachment for all of the info.

Hope to see everyone in a week at the Ringa's House

The LLYC Has a New Website

The LLYC Website has had a great home with Cooper Marketing, but the expanding needs of the yacht club prompted a move to a newer platform. Therefore, the website has found a new home with SquareSpace, a platform we hope will allow for better engagement between the club members.

Since the website is so new, there are bound to be a lot of spelling errors or missing information. If you spot anything, please don't hesitate to mention it in the comments below. Sorry if I misspelled your name!

This website has been a joint project between myself and Wes Mottlau, and I want to take this time to thank everyone who pitched in money to get it running!