A Message from the Commodore

Greetings All LLYC Members,

It's almost unbelievable how quickly our sailing season and summer has "blown" by!  This Labor Day weekend is our last weekend for Long Lake sailing and regularly scheduled LLYC activities. Another season for the great LLYC!

The 2018 year has certainly been a busy one for us all.

Following the Trophy Banquet, we lost our lost our beloved Norman Reese but were blessed with two new little ones as well as new C and Junior members. Kerchers rang in the holiday season for us with a LLYC party filled with fun and plenty of goodies. Our Dues Committee recommended adjusting the annual membership dues and the club voted with an official ballot to move forward with the changes.  The bylaws were officially changed and acknowledged at the spring meeting at the Schroeder-Kauffman home where we agreed among other decisions to add Perpetual Trophies for the growing MC Fleet. 

Memorial Day launched the beginning of the season with racing kicking off and the handing out of the 2018 yearbook, which newly showcased our furry pets of LLYC as well as the "burgee story," great photos and our sailing race courses. LLYC was out in full force to support the LL Clean Up with LLISA. Mid June we kicked off a strong Junior Program as well as the reintro of our Friday Race Series (well attended all season - even by our Juniors).

The Regatta scene was well represented by LLYC this summer with the 9 boats at the MIR, strong C National attendance and Billy Madden representing us at the ILYA Invitational. 

The Ringa beer party again hosted our annual membership Open House where new faces were present and the sailing season was in full swing. 

July 4th weekend was jam packed with fun events, jackassery, and once again plenty of sailing. Our Friday party at the Parkway included an award winning band (ok, loud but they were live!), a sea of red, white and blue everywhere with our Buchholz/Wiener team winning our patriotic dress up prizes! A fun Kercher hosted beer party on Sunday, our first "Yoga and Mimosas at the Schroeder-Kauffman's with 14 in attendance, great sailing and a fantastic fireworks display from Morgan Standley and Jack Cahill answering every question correctly as we quizzed the club with Independence Day Trivia!

Our Juniors has a busy season with plenty of sailing, some taking lessons at Lake Geneva and hosting our own weekday school with funds from last year silent auction proceeds offsetting it. Becki had the group in full swing all summer, new faces and no fear with plenty of sailing on the C boats.

August, another busy LLYC month, filled with more sailing, a Party at The Point from Hermanns, strong LLYC turn out and support with over $12k raised at the Clean Water Boogie party, out of town LLYC visitors/sailors and the unveiling of our new MC Perpetual Trophy coordinated by Robyn and Suzi. Topping off the new LLYC Swag being handed out, Danny Madden was nominated and voted in as our new Scribe for next year at the Johnson party (ok, I won't mention, Ronie, who the one opposed vote was)! 

....And it's not over quite yet. This weekend we do have rain coming but we will get as much sailing in as possible finishing up on Labor Day as our last races of the season.

This Sunday, join me with my Officers Lauren Harting and Erik Herrmann for the Annual Officer's Party and Junior Trophy Presentation. 

It will be at the Schroeder-Kauffman Home and we will also be taking our LLYC club photo.  Please all attend!

In closing, THANK YOU to EVERYONE for making this a fantastic year for me and for the entire club. We are growing, we are busy and "It Takes A Village" sums it all up!

A special thank you to our: Sailors and Crews of all classes, Judges, Sailing Committees, Webmasters, Membership Comm., Photographers, Yearbook Team, Junior Sailing Comm., Trophy Comm., Archivists, Past Directors, Social Supporters and Friends and my awesome Officers (Lauren and Erik)!

Not only do we have great sailors and members but we have great friends and extended family for us all. Through all the seasons of our lives, LLYC stays strong!

Cheers and see you this weekend!

LLYC Commodore

Note: The Trophy Banquet invites will go out after Labor Day.
Friday, Oct. 12 at Parkway on the Lake - Mark Your Calendars!