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Scoring Notes

Did Not Start

Boats who don't cross the starting line receive a DNS, or a score equal to the total number of registered boats plus 1.
The current DNS score is 7.

Did Not Finish

Boats who don't finish a race receive a DNF, or the amount of racers who crossed the starting line plus 1.

Throw outs

Each sailor receives one throw out for the junior series. Thus, the worst score for each boat will be discarded when determining the winners of the junior fleet championship.

The high point scores refer to the sailor's score without throw outs.



These are the Junior Fleet's perpetual trophies. In addition to these, the top three boats in both the Friday and Saturday Series receive a trophy denoting their placement.


Cooper Clearwater Trophy

This trophy, donated in 1979 in honor of Jim Cooper, will be sailed for in a special race by Junior Fleet doubles teams, with both people under 16. It will be sailed on a day close to July 21st.

2017 Winner: William Schroeder & Maceo Ringa



Cooper Trophy

This trophy, a ships bell, was established in 1974 by Jim Cooper. It is awarded to the first place boat in a Junior "C" race.

2017 Winner: Not Sailed




Gregory Trophy

Donated in 1974 by Ron and Judy Gregory, this trophy was originally awarded for the highest July point total. Since 1995, it has been awarded to the winner of a designated race in July.

2017 Winner: Not Sailed




Junior "C" Trophies

These awards consisting of three new trophies were donated by Bob Ringa Jr. and Craig Neumann in 1974. They are presented to the first three boats of a Junior "C" race.



Kercher Labor Day Trophy

Will Kercher donated this perpetual trophy which is awarded to the winning Junior Fleet skipper of the Labor Day race.

2017 Winner: William Schroeder and Kaitlynn Davidson



Kercher Trophy

Donated in 1974 by Bill and Marilyn Kercher, this trophy is awarded to the winner of the Fourth of July race.

2017 Winner: Not Sailed


Newman Trophy

This perpetual trophy donated by John and Bonnie Newman in 1975 to be awarded to the winner of the Stay-At-Home series. Since 1995, it has been awarded to the winner of a designated race.

2017 Winner: Marshall Schroeder and Maceo Ringa


Sundberg Trophy

Donated in 1974 by Marilyn and Sandy Sundberg, this trophy is awarded to the Junior Fleet skipper having the highest point total for the regular series races without throwouts.

2017 Winner: William Schroeder


Vesely Trophy

One of the oldest Junior Fleet trophies awarded, it is presented to the winner of a selected race.

2017 Winner: Joe Popeck and Maceo Ringa